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The focus of financial freedom is not to make enough money, so you can do nothing, be lazy at home. Rather, when we have enough wealth and we invest in generating enough cash flow to support our lives, we have the opportunity to have more choices, both in business and in life.

For the average person, it is more realistic to follow and execute a simple, feasible plan. As Ceci describes in the book, this means assessing the current situation, setting goals, setting up a plan, establishing a correct mindset, and finally implementing it efficiently.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief for “Health” Magazine & former Editor-in-Chief for “Smart Investing” Monthly
Miss Ho, Hsien-Hui

Ceci’s book will be meaningful to readers of all backgrounds and situations. After reading this book, you must start taking action to find a method that suits you.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Money Magazine
Chang Guolian

I was impressed that Ceci was very open and able to communicate even the most complicated matters clearly. Most of all, she was efficient in execution and always thought of the big picture, of how things would impact others.

I would like to recommend her book to people who think they don’t know how to manage their finances.

This book provides many insights in a manner that is simple to understand for all levels of readers who want to achieve financial freedom early. With her guidance, I wish you could reach financial freedom soon!

Chairman of the Taipei Financial Research and Development Foundation
Mr. Zhou Wutian

Ceci on popular Yahoo TV show “Money Power”:

How to save enough for retirement is a problem that many people worry about. Financial management is a matter for your lifetime. The sooner you start learning, the sooner you can enjoy more “freedom from worrying about money “.

Financial freedom refers to the life without having to worry about money, and have more options in life. With many years of experience in finance and asset management, Ceci Chang has relied on her rich investment experiences. After retiring from corporate world at the age of 38, she began a very different life. She published a book to share the correct investment attitude and practices, hoping that everyone can achieve their financial freedom as soon as possible.

Many people come to me and hope that I can provide them with advice on their investment. But honestly, learning how to make the right investment decisions is the most important homework for you to achieve financial success. No one can always help you make these decisions. Learn how to make the right decisions yourself is the best solution.

Having financial freedom does not mean that you must retire and not work, but it can give you more flexibility and choices. When you have more choices, you won’t get stuck, you wo n’t be forced with no options, and you have more chances than others. When you are well prepared to meet the challenges of life, you have more choices.

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